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Pre - Paid Funerals

This website is designed to give you information about pre-arranged and pre-paid funerals in New Zealand. We plan for nearly every financial eventuality we may face in life - we invest for our retirement, we have health, house and contents insurance.

Yet when it comes to funerals, many of us don't like to think about them, let alone plan in advance. However times are changing, as more and more people want to ensure that their funeral reflects who they are in life. These same people want to ensure that their house is in order; they do this by ensuring their Wills are up to date, and many people are now paying for their funerals in advance, this ensures that there is no financial burden on the family left behind.

Be assured that all Funeral-Link companies are New Zealand owned and are members of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ).

In September 2009 Sovereign Assurance stopped accepting new participants into its scheme.  At this time Funeral-Link began its own Prepaid Funeral Plan; also some Funeral-Link companies listed on our website began offering their own plans.

Funeral-Link members offering Prepaid Funeral Plans are subject to audit and disclosure to FDANZ as determined by its rules.


Directory of Funeral-Link funeral homes in your area.