Pre-Paying Your Own Funeral

Planning and paying for your funeral in advance may seem a difficult task to face, but like making a will, the ideal time to make these plans is well beforehand, without worry or stress.

Why a Funeral-Link Prepaid Funeral Plan?

Experience has shown the need to be able to plan for funerals in advance.  To fulfil this need, funeral-link has created such a plan; which is a means of arranging your funeral, in advance and pre-paying for it at the same time.

Benefits of the Funeral-Link Prepaid Funeral Plan

  • You are able to choose your own individual funeral service.
  • Your family and friends are relieved of emotional and financial burden. 
  • One only payment at today's prices - regardless of when death occurs may be an option. 
  • Peace of mind - knowing your affairs are in order. 
  • Flexibility - funeral arrangements can be altered if circumstances change. 
  • Should you move away from your current location your plan is portable and a funeral-link funeral director anywhere in NZ may access the funds held on trust.
  • Your wishes and preferences are carefully documented and you receive a copy for your records.
  • A Funeral-Link Prepaid Funeral Plan is excluded from WINZ asset testing when entering retirement home care. 

It should be noted this is not an investment in any way.  You are paying for a service in advance, and therefore the expectation is that you would receive the funeral in return.

Non Fixed Price Funeral Plan

The non fixed price funeral plan means that you may or may not choose to pre-arrange your funeral.  You have the flexibility of placing any amount set by yourself into the plan.  This can be done in installments or a single lump sum.  At the time of death the funeral home prepares an account using prices of the day. The amount held in the plan, which includes interest less fees, is then applied to the funeral account.  If there is insufficient money in the plan to cover the funeral an account is sent by the funeral home to your executor or next of kin for the balance.  If there is too much money in the fund, the balance is refunded to your executor.

How do I join?

Contact your funeral-link funeral director and make an appointment for an intereview.  After discussions with them, your preferences are recorded.  You are able to make decisions on the type of funeral you prefer, on burial or cremation, even on the choice of casket or coffin, also any other special requirements.  It may be desirable to have the family present during these discussions.

We then calculate the funeral cost at current rates.  A contract for pre-payment of funeral services will be prepared.  On your acceptance, the total sum is paid into the Funeral-Link Prepaid Funeral Trust Account, the funds are currently placed on call in a Westpac Trust account similar to those operated by most solicitors.  At this point you have purchased the funeral on the conditions laid out in the Funeral-Link Prepaid Funeral Contract.

A certificate of participation will be posted to you within 14 days.  We suggest you keep this information in a safe place and advise your next of kin or solicitor of the funeral plan.

Who meets all interest tax obligations?

At the time of pre-paying your funeral, we obtain your IRD number and your tax status.  Tax is then deducted at the correct rate by the bank on your behalf. We will provide you with an annual statement which will show the amount of interest that has been applied to the funds which you have paid us.


Because this Funeral-Link Prepaid Funeral Plan is built on security, both emotional and financial, it is important to deal with a funeral home that follows the strict codes of ethics that are set by the Funeral Directors Association of NZ (FDANZ).  All members of funeral-link are also members of FDANZ. 

The Plan is subject to audit and disclosure to the FDANZ as determined by its rules. 

Please note that FDANZ does not guarantee the funds held within the Funeral-Link Prepaid Funeral Fund.

At a Glance

  • No age restrictions are imposed. 
  • Guaranteed acceptance regardless of state of health (no medical questions are asked.
  • Payment is made upon receipt of the funeral account and any remaining funds are refunded promptly to the family.
  • Nationwide coverage through FDANZ Funeral-Link funeral directors.
  • 21 day ability to opt out of the plan should you change your mind.